miercuri, 22 decembrie 2010

About loosing and winning

The year will soon end and i sometimes like to make a balance between what i lost and what i gain during the year.
I lost several friends this year. They're not dead, but just they are out of my life. It is sad for me, because none of these losses was my choice, and with each and every one i have tried to make a mence. It's sad.
Instead of these lost friends, i have gained, in some ways back, some of my old friends, friends who have contributed greatly to the person i am today.
I lost a man whom i have loved dearly. I guess he was not worth it since he broke my heart.
Instead of him, i won a great man. He is so worth it..every day and every minute i spend thinking of him. I love you.
I also got some sense of independence, living almost of my own and thus being happy.
So, i guess my losses found their balance in my gains. Cause life is like that...you loose some, you win some.
Happy New Year!

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